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Of the developers, By the developers, For the developers

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Current Open Source Ecosystem

  • Unfair

    Developers are still at the farthest end in the value chain of the tech industry

  • Ineffective

    Developer's intellectual property is difficult to be effectively protected

  • Centralized

    The current open source platform is centralized controlled

HitChain Ecosystem

  • Better Git

    The‘Hit’ Protocol

    Merkle Tree File Processing

    IPFS Decentralized Storage Structure

    Cross-Chain Authentication Mechanism

    MTSM (Multi-Task State Machine)

  • Better Blockchain

    3.0 Blockchain Network

    DAG High Concurrent Asynchronous Execution

    Classified Dynamic Ledger Technology

    Dual consensus of PBFT and DPOS

    solation Witness and Smart Contract

  • Better Reward

    HIT Economic Model

    Cryptocurrency System

    Value Verification and Distribution

    Contribution Incentive Mechanism

    Developer Value Model

  • Better Community


    Open Governance Community and Regulations

    Transparent Personnel Appointment Voting System

    Multiple C2C Trades Among Developers

HitChain Team

  • Andy Koh(Australia)

    Andy Koh is an industry veteran who has worked in leadership roles in global technology companies in USA and Asia, like IBM and DEC. He has deep knowledge and insights in disruptive technologies, like Blockchain, Cloud and OpenSource computing. He received his Bachelor degree from RMIT University Australia before furthering his education in USA. He oversees the overall strategy of HitChain, with the mission to build a world leading developer autonomous community.

  • Khee Joo Tan(Singapore)

    Director of Hitchain Foundation, former TIBCO CTO in APAC. He served as technology executives in lots of transnational soft corporations. He has over 30 years of working experience in APAC software industry. He is responsible for international promotion and business development in the HitChain team.

  • Leon Li(Hong Kong)

    Director of Hitchain Foundation, open-source expert at Intel, first RHCA Certified Architect in Greater China Area. He served on technical positions in many global soft companies. He will be leading the construction of open-source system in the HitChain team.

  • Nick Ma(Japan)

    Core contributor and maintainer at OpenStack Foundation; Chief Cloud Architect at Telexistence Inc (Japan). He is responsible for the framework, key module research, and development in the HitChain team.

  • Jerry Li(China)

    Git Protocol Expert; Former CDO of Gitee of OSChina. He has over 10 years of experience in research, development and management of products. He is responsible for the development and management of Git Protocol and framework and design of code hosting platform and he will engage in promotion and operation of community.

  • Tyler Chen (China)

    Senior open source technology architect. He has served as the chief architect of Foreveross. He has years of R&D experience for large enterprise applications and utilizing open source. He is responsible for the technical work of the distributed architecture of the HitChain code hosting system.

  • Thomas Tan(U.S.)

    Data scientist; Ph.D. of Computer Science – Software Engineering at University of Southern California. Currently he serves as a distribute storage expert in branch of IBM in L.A. He will be responsible for the development of IPFS-based code distributed storage protocol in the HitChain team.

HitChain Advisor Team

  • Jia Tian

    Chief Scientist of cortexlabs.ai, early adopter and long-time supporter of bitcoin since 2011. He majors in distributed systems and acquired BS/MS degree from dept. CS&T, Tsinghua University. Tian served as Chief Scientist in the first bitcoin fund in China, bitfund and was an early supporter of Zerocoin upon its incarnation since 2013, which later became Zcash and Tian joined the Zcash voting committee. He also invested in Bitfinex as a shareholder. Tian is also a serial entrepreneur. As an system architect, he joined multiple startups which became or was sold to giants later in their field such as Shenma Inc.

  • Haobo Ma

    Founder of Aelf, expert of blockchain industry, early practitioner in field of digital asset. He served as CTO at Gempay and CTO at AllCoin. He is the current member of Blockchain Experts Committee of the Chinese Institute of Electronics and Blockchain Experts Committee of China Computer Federation.

  • Binsheng Wang

    Distinguished professor of graduate school at Chinese Academy Social Sciences; Doctor of economic; Consultant of Organization of Blockchain Associations for Development; Early investor of digital asset; Disseminator of idea of blockchain

  • David Wu

    Currently the managing partner in the financial services consulting department and the performance improvement in financial services at Ernst & Young Greater China. He has more than 25 years of working experience in investment, financial management consulting and IT implementation services.

  • Zhongyang Chen

    Professor and doctor tutor of the school of finance at Renmin University of China; Senior researcher at the Chongyang Institute of Finance; Fulbright scholar at the United States State Department; Famous expert in the field of finance and risk management and a policy researching specialist.

  • Zhongxing Xu

    Chief Scientist at 360 Code Guardian. Doctor of Engineering at Chinese Academy of Sciences. He is one of the first people in China to participate in the research and development of the world's top open-source basic software projects. Famous developer in international open-source field.


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